Motorcycle Racing – the Motorcycle Sport of Racing Motorcycles

According to the official body Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) there are four main categories. Each of which can be divided into a number of sub-categories. The popularity of motorcycle racing has been steadily increasing in popularity, since the first races were officially held in 1895.

Motorcycle Racing

Road racing

This category includes racing on hard surfaces, such as roads and other tarmac surfaces. The races can either be held on public roads (temporarily closed to the general public) or on purpose built tracks or circuits. There are various types of road racing, for example:


While very similar to road racing, motocross takes place off-road. Often, the circuit will be one made of mud, grass, sand or dirt, with elevation changes that can be man-made or natural. One other difference to road racing is that the competitors all line up next to each other at the start of the race. There are generally, a number of different classes and these depend on rider age, size of the machine, rider ability, age of the machine and type.

Enduro and cross-country

Track racing

Usually held on oval tracks these events can involve teams of riders or individuals.