Wondering Which is the Best Motorcycle Type for You? Read our Helpful Guide

If you're new to motorcycling you may be wondering which type of machine is the right one for you. Luckily you've come to the right place because of this helpful guide. Newcomers to motorcycle riding may be a little confused about all the different types so let's look at your options.

Different types of motorcycles

It is widely agreed that there are basically six main categories of motorcycle. Sometimes you might encounter a seventh category of sport touring motorcycles. And you may also find a number of lists including mopeds and scooters. But for the purposes of this article we'll be sticking with six.


This type of motorcycle is also referred to as a naked motorcycle. The riding position is an upright one and both handlebars and foot pegs are in a position that is most comfortable for the rider. But doesn't mean they have to be reaching too far forward. The size of the engine will be moderate and it will have a functional, user-friendly design. For a new rider this is a good place to start.


cruiser bike This type of motorcycle is based on the large machines popular in the US between 1930 and 1960. The most popular and well-known equipment was Harley Davidson. The engines are designed for low-end torque and tend to be V-twins. The riding position is low, with high handlebars and forward foot pegs. The riding position is more of a laid back one, which is not always suitable for beginners. Newcomers to motorcycle riding may be planning to ride at high speeds for long periods of time and a cruiser is not designed for this and it can be very tiring.

Sport bike

If you're planning on pushing the limit speed wise this is the machine to choose. They have high performance engines and are designed with high speed and acceleration in mind. Generally, the foot pegs will be higher and a longer reach will be required for the handlebars. Both features of which are beneficial when riding at high speed. If you're not planning on riding fast this is not the motorcycle to choose as the riding position can be very tiring at low speed. Because of the extra strain put on a rider's hands and wrists.


touring rider This is the machine for riding long distances and touring. The engines tend to be large and the fuel tanks will have a bigger capacity. The upright seating position is more comfortable for traveling long distances and there will be more storage. However, the size and the much higher cost means they are more suitable for experienced riders.


This type of machine is suitable for both on and off-road riding. They have high seats and a much higher center of gravity, making them better handling over rough terrain. Very similar to dirt-bikes but with mirrors and lights to that they are legal for riding on public highways. The engines tend to be smaller and the frames lightweight. This makes them another good choice for new riders. Provided it is possible for both feet to be firmly on the ground when straddling the machine.


Off-road biker These are machines specially designed for riding off-road and across rough terrain. The machines are much simpler and lighter. Suspension travel is much longer and ground clearance much higher. There will be very little bodywork and the construction will be very rugged. This category includes machines specially designed for off-road sports such as motocross, enduro, rally and trail racing.